[Bf-committers] SubSurf Scattering

Chris Burt desoto at blender.spaceisbig.com
Fri Mar 18 06:13:10 CET 2005

There's always plans for everything like this but you're not starting 
this discussion on the right mailing list my friend. This is for 
development discussion and a general feature request really doesn't have 
a home here. If you'd take a tiny moment to search the blender.org 
forums AND the archive for this mailing list as well as teh funboard, 
you'd see that this question, and many others I'm sure you may have, 
have already been answered. I'm not trying to sound offensive...just 
trying to stem the tide of emails from folks who don't quite understand 
the purpose of this list.

Several developers read each and every post here, and they simply don't 
have time to be human filters for what belongs here and what doesn't. 
That is the responsibility of the individuals posting. Please moderate 
yourselves and do your best to stick to the main purpose of the list. If 
anyone is unclear about what the purpose of the list is, or would like 
to volunteer some clarification, please reply in kind.

Again.. not trying to be a jerk or a stick up the ass, but.. its getting 
hard to follow any useful discussions on the list with so much static 
popping up. I'm sure I'm probably not alone.. just the first to speak 
up. Hope I'm not out of line :)

And for all of my fans out there I'll end this mail with a quote from 
myself, "or maybe i'm just getting tired."


Austin Benesh wrote:
> Are there any plans to incorporate the usage of SubSurf light scattering 
> that all the latest technologies (i.e. PRMan, 3DS Max) have already 
> built in? This would make a great extension to Blender’s rendering 
> capability.
> -- Austin
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