[Bf-committers] RC1 of VRML exporter

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Thu Mar 17 23:35:52 CET 2005


checked again some features and it seems anything goes well. Added 
transaltion values to the transform so position of the mesh is not 
defined by verteices.

Now will turn that into a x3d exporter too and writing help pages.

Aims for the next version are:
- support for video texture if the image textur has the extension mov,
	ram, qt, avi, divx, mpg, mpg4 etc.
- Multitexture and blending modes for X3D
- TextureTransform using face modes Tile and the
	repeat option on textures
- export of animationen using keys of the IPO and animation length
- DEF and USE for meshes
- creating group nodes using "Make Parent"

I'm not a native speaker so it would be great when the help pages are 
ready somebody can check for bad expresion etc.


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