[Bf-committers] Re: Project openings

GSR - FR famrom at infernal-iceberg.com
Thu Mar 17 22:21:49 CET 2005

zaphar at gmail.com (2005-03-17 at 1354.27 -0600):
> As a side note. On unix platforms the compressed files will be
> identified as zipped archives and not blender files, unless the
> extension mime type defined for the desktop overrides it. So even unix
> workstations will be affected by a differing extension. It's not just
> a windows problem in that respect.

Nope, new detection systems can tell you that a xml is for a given app
instead of just xml, or that a zip is a openoffice.org document and
not just a zip, etc. The idea of archives meaning more than just
archive is so spread in Unix that they took care of it. Visit
and search for subclassing.


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