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Luigi Monaco zdys at zdys.de
Thu Mar 17 14:04:43 CET 2005

> >>He's talking about Windows opening the file, not blender.
> >
> >right. so what happens if windows 'handles' a .blend file? in this case if 
> >the
> Windows will not even handle it as a Blend file if its extension is ".gz".
> In contrast to UNIX (or OSX), Windows bases its decision on file type
> purely on the filename, NOT on the content.
> The file would not even reach Blender if double-clicked.

i meant NOT to change the extension. keep it as it is. if you want to compress,
let blender handle it. backwards compatibility is a point, spread the news that
files done with an actual blender version may have to be gunzipped before being
used in older versions. 

i have another question concerning hooks and absolute vertex keys - is there a
python implementation to use it? who would i ask for python related stuff, who
would i send bug-reports to? 

luigi monaco

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