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Luigi Monaco zdys at zdys.de
Thu Mar 17 13:38:47 CET 2005

> >>>isn't a gz compressed file distinguishable by it's header¹? leave
> >>>everything as is and just publish the information that if an 'invalid
> >>>filetype or similar' appears people should try to extract the file before
> >>>loading it.
> >>
> >>Many windows programs only pay attention to the extension. Ie if I
> >>change a file with the .bmp extension to .gz then windows xp thinks it
> >>is a gzipped file.
> >
> >i was to brief i admit. i meant that the detection is done inside blender.
> >no change whatsoever for the windowsurfacelinktoactiononclickything.
> He's talking about Windows opening the file, not blender.

right. so what happens if windows 'handles' a .blend file? in this case if the
blend file is gzipped and blender would behave depending on a previous
'header-detection' it would first extract and then treat it as a 'normal'
blender file. no manipulation on os/ windowmanager side required to achieve
desired action -> work on gzipped file using blender. 

as far as i understood the discussion is to ponder the hassles of associating a
new mime-type against backward compatibility. sorry if i got something wrong, i
just dropped into the list, didn't mean to mak a big discussion out of it. 

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sticky bit has come loose

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