[Bf-committers] Project openings

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Mar 17 11:01:01 CET 2005


> Ton the point is, that if you double click on it, instead of launching
> with blender (which will be the usually desired behavior) it will be
> uncompressed with the program that handles your gz files.

Ah, I have to admit that - even when using Macs - I hardly ever do  
that. :)
It annoys me much more that webservers don't recognize .blend files,  
and always show it as text... but, I see the point.

Anyhoo, nobody works on this yet, so it's a quite premature discussion.  


>> And what means "register 2 extensions"? For what, on the web?
>> Webservers love .gz!
> No talking about with the program that handles file associations on
> different platforms (ie in like the Windows registry).
> LetterRip
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