[Bf-committers] Project openings

Ted Schundler tschundler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 21:11:39 CET 2005

> - Booleans library
>    - just doesn't work satisfying... need new code probably!
>    - hopefully something that can work interactive, like drilling holes
> in editmode

Yup, like LetterRip said, I'm back on this. I took a break from it to
work on another project in Jan+Feb. I think it was for the best as now
I can get a fresh perspective on it. I think I finally have a
generalized solution that produces clean results, without a need for
endless special "if"'s to get around various special cases. At least
it works well in dozens of sketches on scrap paper. (But so did my
last ideas until real use proved otherwise.) I hope to implement it in
Python this weekend, worst-case next weekend. Then keeping with my
plan once that algorithm works well, I'll move to coding it in C.

I'll also be looking further into the vertex normal calculation issues
that I brought in late Dec.

I'm SpookyElectric on IRC & various forums. I'm tschundler on p.b.o.


PS: Related to compression, bzip2 is better than gzip in my
experience, and almost as widely supported now, so you may want to
look into that instead.

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