[Bf-committers] Project openings

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Mar 16 13:20:27 CET 2005


Time to get rid of an old todo... not only updating the 'current  
projects' list, but also mapping out the 'projects wanted' (or todo)  
list. Before I'll compose a CMS page and/or article for it (call for  
help!) I put on the list here for review/suggestions.

I think we're in need for dev help here;

- Ghost maintenance
   - Dual screen support
   - fullscreen window support (Windows)
   - fix event manager for non-english keyboards

- Booleans library
   - just doesn't work satisfying... need new code probably!
   - hopefully something that can work interactive, like drilling holes  
in editmode

- Mesh tools
   - fix subdivide routine for edge/face select
   - same for knife tool
   - multi resolution editing (subsurf based)

- Curves/Surfaces
   - maintenance in Blender in general (adding cardinal/bspline editing)
   - integrating Nurbana?

- UI Font library
   - vertical text
   - readable 3d (rotated) text...

- Subdivision surfaces
   - cleanup subsurf.c code to make it more generic (e.g. providing a  
generic vertex index-based subdivision output to use for interpolating  
coordinates, UV, seams, colors, etc)
   - add support for incremental updates
   - fix methods as used now to support editmode Mesh (pointers to  
editMesh data)

- Internationalization
   - project needs coordination in general
   - code is messy...
   - also related to Ghost, input with non-english keyboards

- Import/export
   - project needs coordination (docs, maintaining contacts for bugfixes)
   - maintain current dxf and inventor reader

- Game engine
   - need more devs, also to define future of engine in Blender
   - evaluate splitting off in new project, and provide it as plugin  
   - is old 2.04 engine ("Enji") still an option?

- Rigid Body, ODE
   - add the open source ODE project in Blender, as tool for creating  
   - possibly; in cooperation with efforts in the game engine

- External render support
   - check on current yafray support, how to extend it for aqsis or  
other systems

- Blender file compression
   - Adding builtin gzip for file saving/reading
   - extension .blend.gz keeps it backwards/upwards compliant

- OpenGL issue tracking
   - need opengl coders to keep track of the entire UI for drawing  
pixmaps, etc
   - for all platforms, especially Linux!
   - Sun and Irix and 3Dlabs cards have swapbuffer issues still

- Blender UI work
   - new icons design (scalable or mipmaps)
     (+ long list... fill it in later)


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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