[Bf-committers] More Xcode issues

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Wed Mar 16 07:44:27 CET 2005

Le 16 mars 05, à 02:14, Matt Ebb a écrit :

> I noticed that in the 'libraries' folder, libsolid_broad.a, 
> libsolid_complex.a, libsolid_convex.a were all red. these files aren't 
> in the precompiled lib directory in CVS, only libsolid.a exists.
> I didn't have any of those solid libraries on my system (scons) but 
> after doing some searching, I found that libsolid_broad.a, 
> libsolid_complex.a, libsolid_convex.a got built by makefiles, so I did 
> a make quicky=extern which built the libraries and put them in a 
> lib/darwin-7.8.0-powerpc folder. I copied these files to 
> lib/darwin-6.1-powerpc next to libsolid.a and it all built properly. 
> So I guess we just need to add those .a files to the precompiled libs 
> in CVS.

Simpler, i will add extern to the project. This was planned, but in a 
second phase

> I then built the blender.app target, which seemed to succeed too. I 
> checked the final blender.app package in make/xc_blender/build/ and it 
> didn't have the blender icon - just the standard generic .app icon. I 
> pulled the blender icon.icns and the blender file icon.icns out of the 
> blender.app directory in CVS, dragged the new files into Xcode, and 
> deleted the old references. It built properly with the icons this time 
> - I suspect Xcode has trouble looking within an .app for resources?

This may that the finder did not update. this happens sometimes on 
first access to a dir.
Were the icons files red ?

  here i was working fine, and i triple checked

> Anyway, so far so good! If you could give some instructions on SCM, I 
> can test that for you, too.

step by step :

get info on the top component (xc_blender).
in first tab :
select CVS as SCM system, it uses your already working (obviously) 
check enable SCM.

from main window, you can then use refresh status and update in SCM 
this may a bit long as it works dir by dir



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