[Bf-committers] openexr & blender

Alfredo de Greef eeshlo at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 13 23:17:58 CET 2005

There was a lot of discussion at the meeting today
about OpenEXR, things like location of include files
and such. OpenEXR doesn't have a single include
directory, only after installing all include files are
put in one directory.
I also use the pbrt renderer and this also uses
openexr for it's output and has libraries and includes
in the source. I thought it should be possible to use
a similar approach for Blender. I tried this and it
seems to work, on linux at least.
What I did was copy the installed include dir (on my
system /usr/local/include/OpenEXR) to
/lib/xxxxx/openexr/include and all exr libs,
libHalf.a, libIex.a, libIlmImf.a & libMath.a to
/lib/xxxxx/openexr/lib, where xxxxx is name of the
intended platform (though I actually never used the
external lib dir, so I created it myself for this
Then I modified SConstruct accordingly to use the
correct paths. This worked, though the executable is a
bit large, ~12Mb, ~7Mb stripped. The libraries
themselves are also quite big (libIlmImf.a ~10Mb), so
might not be an ideal solution.
I did this using my own exr code (posted above), but
I'm sure the same is possible with Gernot's code,
though I didn't try that.
Anyway, this was just meant as info in case it is
And with that I hereby officially resign from this job
and leave the rest to the real experts... ;)


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