[Bf-committers] GPL or (c) infringement?

Jean-Michel Smith jeanmichel.smith at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 16:54:36 CET 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 10:45:42 -0500, Stephen Swaney
<sswaney at centurytel.net> wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 09:13:01AM -0600, Jean-Michel Smith wrote:
> > Beyond that little bit of education and "buyer beware" information,...
> The Internet is a powerful communcations medium.  A notice on our
> webpages and a post or two in various computer graphics forums could
> go a long way towards helping people be informed consumers.

Exactly.  That is the crux of my disagreement with "just ignore them."
 Instead, counter with a little good information easily found by
googling blender (analogous to the "good speech to counter bad is more
effective than censorship" philosophy), then stop spending energy on
the subject and get back to blendering!  I.e. once we've made the good
information available, THEN we can ignore the jerk as the exploitive
troll that he is. :-)


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