[Bf-committers] GPL or (c) infringement?

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 23:30:21 CET 2005

> I bet we even violate it (where can you get a
> CDROM with our sources?)

No CDROM required, availability via CVS is compliant.  If anyone ever
trys a BL license, you are going to have some hoops to jump though,
since you aren't requiring people to formally sign over their
contributed code to the Blender Foundation.

> The other issue, copyright of his used graphics is different still. He
> cannot simply reuse graphics from websites without verifying credits
> and copyrights for it.

Yep, lots of copyright violations.  It seems small businesses tend to
run affoul of copyright a lot - mostly out of ignorance.  It might be
worthwhile to send off an email to the individual requesting they not
use the images, and explain why, and cc to ebay.  Preferably from an
official Blender email address would be best.

> And of course, anyone with ebay accounts can post warnings there.

Can we?  I was under the impression that you could only do feedback
for auctions you participated in.

For those who own any of the images you can use this form to report a
violation of your copyright


(Report a listing policy violation > Items may violate a copyright >
ebay item infringes on your intellectual property )


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