[Bf-committers] FWD: Announcing FBX SDK v6.0 free download.

Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 01:04:34 CET 2005

Sounds like a good thing to add to Blender, but would it affect the GPL/BL?

-- Austin
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While i am not very good at programming i contacted Alias about the FBX, 
and today i just got an email from them... it is attached below... in 
text format... i don't know very well what you have planned, but 
integrating this into Blender will help greatly with support between 

cdean <cdean at alias.com> wrote:

>    Hello,
>  I am happy to advise Alias Conductors program members, production
>facilities, and all other members of the CG development community that
>version 6.0 of the FBX SDK is now available as a free download on the Alias
>web site. This is a complete and fully functional version of the product
>is not restricted in any way. FBX SDK 6.0 has many upgrades and
>as a result of direct user input and suggestions. The FBX format is already
>a respected and rapidly growing industry standard. Now available for free
>there has never been a better time to investigate the benefits it can
>provide to your pipeline or product.
>FBX is the award-winning, platform-independent 3D authoring and interchange
>format, now supported by over 30 industry vendors, including Alias,
>DiscreetR, Maxon, SoftimageR and StrataT.
>The FBX SDK is an easy-to-use C++ software development toolkit that allows
>developers to quickly add FBX support in their applications. This SDK can
>freely used in both commercial software development as well as in-house
>software applications. FBX can be used in any kind of production
>including games development, film, video, broadcast, product and automotive
>design, architecture, visual simulation and medical visualization.
>To view the full press release on the Alias site please go here:
>To go directly to the FBX product pages, technical overview document, and
>download links please follow this link:
>To view details of the Alias Conductors 3rd party developer program check
>If you have any questions regarding this announcement I would be happy to
>speak with you.
>      Craig Dean | Conductors Program Manager
>      210 King St. East, Toronto ON, Canada M5A 1J7
>            Tel.:   416-874-8449
>            Fax:   416-369-6151
>            ALIAS | www.alias.com
>      www.alias.com/conductors
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