[Bf-committers] Updated VRML Exporter

Bart bart at neeneenee.de
Thu Mar 10 00:55:23 CET 2005

Hello Matthew,

did fine adjustment of lights and added real support for 
ambientIntensity for lights but as it seems fine adjustment for 
materials is needed too.

At the moment it seems anything is ok. Take a look:

Matthew H. Plough schrieb:
> Bart wrote:
>> Is there a test file you got that didn't work proper with the old 
>> exporter?
> If I recall correctly, it wasn't a specific file that broke things; it 
> was just large meshes.  Be sadistic -- export giant subdivided grids, 
> L-system trees up the wazoo, etc., and try to import them.  If that kind 
> of stuff imports correctly, I'll be very impressed.
> Matt
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