[Bf-committers] OpenEXR plugin for Blender :-)

Gernot Ziegler gz at lysator.liu.se
Wed Mar 9 10:48:14 CET 2005

Hej !

Yesterday I finished an OpenEXR loader/writer plugin for Blender 2.37 CVS,
as can be seen in

Restrictions are:
.) It is C++-code, so openexr.cc is using g++ to compile
.) I only integrated the necessary includes and ldadds to SConstruct, and
only for the Linux platform.
.) There is no auto-detection of OpenEXR, it is assumed to lie in

Bonus features of OpenEXR:
.) Support for OpenEXR Z-data writing (that's why I wrote the
plugin ;) )
.) Prepared for float data output (will be the first one, right ? :-) )
.) Prepared for extra data channels (like normals, geometry images, etc.)
.) Interchange format with Cinepaint

I will need help with:
.) Licensing ... what shall I write in the header ? I gladly donate the
code to the Blender foundation for dual licensing, but I would like to
have my name in the code .
.) 16 bit-short-output: Is there example code for that ?
.) Float out: I heard the renderer is being rebuilt to support float
output. How can the OpenEXR plugin register as a float output format to
the renderer ?
.) GUI: It would be great to be able to provide settings for OpenEXR
output (see the OpenEXR plugin on www.splutterfish.com ). Although I dont
know if I have time to do it myself, I could sit together with some
Blender GUI expert to define the knobs and whistles the user could set,
and export this settings API from the OpenEXR plugin.
.) Z data channel: How is the Z data defined ? Is it relative to the
camera, starting with Z=0 at the image plane ? Where is Z=1.0 ?

It would be cool to meet devs who could help me in this, maybe this or
next evening on IRC. Just drop me a mail to gz at lysator.liu.se (important,
since the list is in digest mode for me) and I will do my best to be there :-)


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