[Bf-committers] Meeting Notes for March 6th 2005

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Tue Mar 8 23:02:06 CET 2005

Le 8 mars 05, à 22:36, Martin Poirier a écrit :

> --- Tom M <letterrip at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 5) warnings patch
>> JLuc Peuriere has been cleaning out the warnings in
>> the blender tree.  Please
>> test it and make sure nothing breaks.  Especially
>> developers who use MSVC.  If
>> no one complains that it breaks stuff, it will be
>> committed in a few
>> days.  Martin Poirier and Joseph Gilbert will do
>> some checking on MSVC 6 and 7.
> Uhm. I can't seem to find that patch in my e-mail
> archives, maybe Jean-Luc could resend a link or
> something.
> Thanks.

the definitive (?) patch is here :


note that your last commits breaks it and need some small correction,  
as well a one in quicktime (see other thread)

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