[Bf-committers] The big warning hunt patch

Gilbert, Joseph jgilbert at tigr.org
Tue Mar 8 21:51:15 CET 2005

Oops spoke to soon :)

@@ -445,12 +445,13 @@
-void stopConstraint(TransInfo *t) {
+/*unused yet perhaps ?*/
+static void stopConstraint(TransInfo *t) {
 	t->con.mode &= ~CON_APPLY;
 	t->num.idx_max = t->idx_max;

The static declaration causes the linker to fail. This function is referenced in transform.c

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Le 8 mars 05, à 21:16, Gilbert, Joseph a écrit : 

@@ -507,14 +507,14 @@ 
GraphicsImportComponent theImporter = NULL; 

FSSpec theFSSpec; 
- Str255 dst; 
+// Str255 dst; /*unused*/ 
char theFullPath[255]; 

Thanks. corrected in the future commit (protected by #ifdef _WIN32) 

Other than that everything else seems ok. 


Note that msvc7 compiler has different warnings entirely and different 
warnings are ouput. 

I know, but we should be able to define a reasonable equivalent set 


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