[Bf-committers] Report of HE Mesh

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Mon Mar 7 23:50:38 CET 2005

Le 7 mars 05, à 00:42, joeedh a écrit :
> I've actually thought about this.  It wil support:
> * Closed and open meshes.
> * Exceptional vertexs
> * Multiple components
> * Multiple shells
> I think that maybe there can be isolated verts, not really difficult 
> to do (just set edge pointer to NULL), the only problem is how to you 
> make faces from them beyond triangles or quads.
> Although, I don't want to support faces in faces or holes in faces  or 
> that kind of thing.  It seems to be that you can achieve a similar 
> result with various extrusion functions (like individual faces).

The trick is that exceptional vertex support (that we need) is much 
easier if holes in faces are supported first. The order in which i 
presented things is significant, and the changes in the structs 
important.  Note that supported dont mean implemented in actual 
interface, but you need the possibility in the code.

You really need to do (with help) a design phase first to make all 
these things clear. design before coding is a good principle, 
especially when you venture in parts a bit outside your knowledge.

 From your response to Campbell, you mean that the half-edge dont point 
directly to each other but to an intermediate struct which is 
asymmetric (2 pointers HE1, HE2) ? not good imho, the complete symmetry 
of the structs is the main advantage of half-edge on Winged-edge.

And you dont need that either to check Manifoldness. Adding a non 
manifold edge will not verify Euler formula, and each half-edge 
pair->pair is itself, that's all .

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