[Bf-committers] PyThon Memory leak.

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Mon Mar 7 20:58:53 CET 2005

G'Day All,

There is an issue where making a list in python will use up memory in 
blender until blender is restarted.

if you open up blender and run this line,
x = [[]] * 100000 # As many as your memory will allow ..

The lsit is created but the memory is still used,
del x after this dosent work and teh garbage collector dosent do 
anythying either.

I asked around in the pythonj chat room and it turns out this is a known 

Aside from this spesific issue, could Blender force python to deallocate 
memory once a python script finishes??
its not running so it shouldent use memory.

I am passing gigerbytes of 3D data and cant help making big lists- 
forcing me to restart blender every hours or so (Reminds me on win95)

- Cambo

Campbell J Barton

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Geelong West, Victoria 3218 Australia

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