[Bf-committers] Report of HE Mesh

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Mon Mar 7 01:04:38 CET 2005

> Hi Joeedh
> Just wondering if this might not be a good chance to increase some 
> limits for Mesh data, like the number of materials could be set to 256 
> rather then 16.
> Another thing that would be nice, is edge based smothing. But this 
> probably not related to the Half edge structure, more an edge property.
> - Cam
I store edge based properties.  Each half-edge has a pointer to an 
"information" edge, which already can store selection, crease and seam 

In fact, this is how half-edges "find" each other, is through the info 
edge (it has pointers to both half-edges).  This is also how manifold 
errors are detected; if you try to add a half-edge and it's info already 
has two half-edges in it, then you've messed up mesh manifoldness, and 
an error is raised.


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