[Bf-committers] Report of HE Mesh

joeedh joeeagar at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 6 23:13:08 CET 2005

joeedh wrote:

> Hi.  Here is the current feature (and bug) list of HE Mesh.


BTW, do you think I really have to have the renderconverter code working 
before posting testing builds for the users?  That's really and truly 
the only major hurdle right now: You cannot render what you make.

Oh, and I've been wondering that, when I eventually do vcol painting, 
whether to use a special selection mode or a new editmode.

And damn it, if anyone here says I'm an idiot be I write long emails 
that doesn't make sense to them, then I can junk my code and Blender can 
continue to have a quad-limited mesh toolset.  :)


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