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Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Sat Mar 5 21:27:24 CET 2005

> Le 5 mars 05, à 04:21, zippy a écrit :
>> mostly because i hate to have more than one place for scripts, and I 
>> dislike some scripts. But most of all it is very confusing and off 
>> putting for a new user or one that just wanted to see the scripts. 
>> Keep the folder in the .app file just get it out of the .blender file
> I, as MacOs X maintainer, will keep the scripts at the same place than 
> on other platforms, which means .blender folder. It is mandatory to do 
> so.
> But providing an easier access is possible and i will try to find the 
> best solution
> -- 
> Jean-Luc

This message did not pass this morning (DNS problems)

To complete Ton answer, i dont want to provide an installer. However an 
applescript checking if things are installed at launch time is possible 
and can be done fully transparently. Then we keep the benefits of the 
no-install .dmg, and yet can put things in ~/library

Another difficulty to be aware of is that the Apple guidelines folder 
is named : Application\ Support

The space in it means rough errors can happens if you manipulate 
pathnames carelessly

Jean-Luc (lukep)
insane Mac user since 89
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