[Bf-committers] defualt python scripts in OSX

Jasper Mine jaspermine at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 4 02:23:03 CET 2005


Only two ways to get to this folder, IF YOU MUST:

1.  Use the Finder's "Go" menu from the menu bar on the top of your 
screen.  Here you enter the name of the folder in "Go to Folder" .  On 
my system it is here: 

2.  You could also use the terminal to access Blender's default scripts 
folder with this command:  cd 
/Applications/Blender3D/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/.blender Use the 
command: ls to view the contents of folder.

Why do this though?  This folder is meant to be hidden.  It works well 
for install, just drag and drop the binary.  If you are trying to place 
your non-default scripts here, WHY?!? If you do that, every time you 
update Blender with a new version, you will have to redo the whole 
process as this folder will be overwritten.

If this is indeed the reason you want access to this folder I suggest 
you instead create a folder called Scripts in the same directory as 
where the Blender3D application lives.  Here you can place all your 
downloaded scripts.  However, be sure to point to this folder in 
Blender's User Preferences where it asks for "directory to search for 
Python scripts"

This is the default for all platforms (.blend), to make installation 
easy.  Instead of making  an osx specific change, and, if you must look 
in this folder, I suggest you try the "Go to Folder" method.  Hope this 


On Mar 3, 2005, at 11:54 PM, zippy wrote:

> the default location for blender python scripts is in a hidden folder 
> inside the app. why is this ? It would make it much easier if the 
> folder were not hidden.  so others could easily add to and delete from 
> and keep the installs in side one app. As it is now a user has to use 
> a tool like tinkertool to see this folder.
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