[Bf-committers] "off by one" error in renderdatabase.c?

Rob Haarsma phaseIV at zonnet.nl
Fri Mar 4 00:54:39 CET 2005

Martin Dickopp wrote:

>When I render my sample scene, R.blovl[0] to R.blovl[4095] are valid
>pointers, while R.blovl[4096] has the value 0x214b434f, or "OCK!" in
>ASCII, ...
Hehe, this made me laugh.
I coded (or hacked) a lot with strings in Blender, and have seen the 
OCK! quite a few times.
Just recently when i compiled tuhopuu3, the first marker (from Matt 
Ebb's excellent timeline commits)
was also named OCK!. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the issue 
discussed here, most probably
the reason why a string gets the value OCK! is a result of bad coding.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell that 'OCK!' might be the last four 
characters from the Error: Totblock!
error message.


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