[Bf-committers] defualt python scripts in OSX

Jean-Luc Peuriere jlp at nerim.net
Thu Mar 3 23:24:01 CET 2005

Le 3 mars 05, à 21:50, Matt Ebb a écrit :
> It would work, but he definitely has a point - it's hardly reasonable 
> to expect every Mac Blender user to know about the command line, let 
> alone how to navigate into a .app package with it and show a hidden 
> folder that he/she doesn't know is there in the first place.

I agree it is a bit awkward. However we have 2 problems here :

.blender is the official name of the folder on all platforms. On unix 
it is on $Home and works there too on Os X. You dont want to change 
this name

You effectively dont except mac users to  open a package as it is a bit 

However Ton is very definitive on the no-install dmg, and i agree with 

One possible solution i thought off is to leave the folder where he is, 
and at launch time, if the app has beed copied on the hard disk, add a 
visible symlink in library/Application\ support which is the Apple 
recommended place for such things. This can be done with a small shell 
or applescript and completely transparent. still in the todo list.

drawback of the method it how to handle 3 situations :

- application has moved, symlink will be broken
- you trash the app, the folder is trashed too
- what happens when you have different versions coexisting

I may have solutions, but it must be discussed

Jean-Luc (lukep)
insane Mac user since 89

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