[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/src language.c

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Wed Mar 2 01:21:56 CET 2005

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Ton Roosendaal wrote:

> ton (Ton Roosendaal) 2005/03/01 16:29:01 CET
>  Modified files:
>    blender/source/blender/src language.c
>  Log:
>  Fixed very old annoyance;
>  If the startup file ".Blanguages" is not found, Blender now will only printf
>  a warning if started in debug mode (-d). It used to popup a menu, even
>  before the UI was initialized, causing annoyance... it's irrelevant info.

Note though that if that message appears, Blender will also be unable
to find any bundled python scripts.

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