[Bf-committers] Re: Round 2: OpenEXR in Blender's CVS

Jiří Hnídek jiri.hnidek at vslib.cz
Mon Jun 27 13:04:59 CEST 2005

I played with OpenEXR and when I striped libIlmImf.a ... it is "only" 
750 KB size big ;-).


> Hej !
>>it is very good, that you still work on this project. Can you offer any
>>patch for testing?
> You can ask sirdude/Kent for access to the SVN-repository
> where we develop the OpenEXR functionality, it is a branch based on a CVS snapshot from
> last week - a patch (based on this original SVN checkin)
> could possibly still be applied to the current CVS tree, but in the long
> run this will require more and more personal intervention from us -
> we will first provide official patches when Ton has approved the concept.
>>900KB isn't so bas as 11MB ;-), but I can't say, that
>>it is acceptable or not (ask ton!).
> Yes, we are currently discussing that with Ton :-)
>>Does Blender use internaly 32 bits
>>for color channel or not? ... why only half floats then? ;-)
> Even Industrial Lights and Magic regards half floats as sufficient for
> movie processing, that's why I chose to implement this popular format
> first. Later, when a new export GUI allows more user choices, one could
> implement IEEE float output (it is trivial to do for the exporter
> library).
> Servus,
>   Gernot

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