[Bf-committers] Re: Round 2: OpenEXR in Blender's CVS

Gernot Ziegler gz at lysator.liu.se
Mon Jun 27 12:01:23 CEST 2005

Hej !

>it is very good, that you still work on this project. Can you offer any
>patch for testing?
You can ask sirdude/Kent for access to the SVN-repository
where we develop the OpenEXR functionality, it is a branch based on a CVS snapshot from
last week - a patch (based on this original SVN checkin)
could possibly still be applied to the current CVS tree, but in the long
run this will require more and more personal intervention from us -
we will first provide official patches when Ton has approved the concept.

>900KB isn't so bas as 11MB ;-), but I can't say, that
>it is acceptable or not (ask ton!).
Yes, we are currently discussing that with Ton :-)

> Does Blender use internaly 32 bits
>for color channel or not? ... why only half floats then? ;-)
Even Industrial Lights and Magic regards half floats as sufficient for
movie processing, that's why I chose to implement this popular format
first. Later, when a new export GUI allows more user choices, one could
implement IEEE float output (it is trivial to do for the exporter


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