[Bf-committers] Plugin API proposal

Austin Benesh bfdeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 07:22:34 CEST 2005

Kent Mein wrote:

>In reply to Austin Benesh (bfdeveloper at gmail.com):
>>Looking through the Plugin code, I realized that it really is only 
>>geared toward "texture" and "sequence" plugins, not allowing for any 
>>extensibility. I propose a complete rewrite of the entire plugin system, 
>>using a more "cross-plugin" approach. A standard API for loading plugins 
>>should be written, and then all the types of plugins can be added using 
>>that API. If there are any additions/changes or other proposals, they 
>>can go here or at the wiki page 
>Hi Austin,
>I don't mean to burst your bubble here, but quite a few people have
>proposed expanding blender via plugins.  Check out the archives but
>basically the replay has been.
>If you look at the majority of applications that use plugins extensively 
>they are closed source and need an api to extend them.  
>(Yes their are exceptions), in general though they add complexity to 
>blender and don't really buy you a whole lot since everyone has access 
>to the entire source code.
>Having said that, I do think that standardization could help in a number
>of places within blender.
Thank you for that insight. I get a little too carried away sometimes. A 
rewrite isn't necessary, but I still feel that the system could  be 
cleaned up and expanded upon a little more.

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