[Bf-committers] New text issues

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Sat Jun 18 22:20:47 CEST 2005

Hi Matthew,

Concerning 1)

I didn't work on that, no. The problem with the Times New Roman 'k' is,
as you mentioned, several CVs with the same coordinate. You can solve
that problem pretty easily by setting Width to 0.999 or 1.001.

I'm probably not competent enough to fix this.

Concerning 2)

I don't know why this button crashes for everyone. I have looked for
bugs, and not found any. It didn't ever crash for me, not directly
after entering editmode on a new font, and not while editing.

I need someone to provide a backtrace.

Concerning 3)

You have not quite understood how the B/I/BI modes work :-) Maybe
you could reconsider the documentation. You are supposed to load
*4 different font files*, one *per* mode. So for Times New Roman
to work in all 4 modes, you would load TimesNewRoman.pfa for
B/I off, TimesNewRoman_Bold.pfa for B on, TimesNewRoman_Bold_Italic.pfa
for B and I on, and TimesNewRoman_Italic for I on.

I don't know about truetype fonts, as I never use them. Do they
contain all 4 typefaces in a single file? Then someone else should
extend the functionality to deal with those. I exclusively use
Postscript fonts.

I hope I cleared this up a bit.

On Sat, 18 Jun 2005, Matthew H. Plough wrote:

> The new text tool is pretty nice.  However, I've played with it and found a 
> couple of issues -- to be expected, since it's a lot of new code.  I'm 
> running Windows 2000 SP4 by the way, compiling with Cygwin/gcc/make.
> 1) I don't know if you worked on this, Alexander, so I'll just include it so 
> people know it's a problem.  Filling certain characters in certain fonts 
> still is problematic.  For example, the 'k' in Times New Roman still fills 
> incorrectly; this is because certain curve segments meet at a single point. 
> 2) The lorem button is still there and crashes Blender when pressed in edit 
> mode.  I know you're fixing this, but just a heads up.
> 3) With the <builtin> font, bold and italic modes work flawlessly.  However, 
> certain other fonts (such as Times New Roman on Windows) do not include bold 
> and italic information; unfortuately, the principle of defensive programming 
> says that we should deal with this.  When the information is not present, the 
> font should not just revert to <builtin>; that will look like a bug to users. 
> We should do something akin to what you do with the Lorem button in object 
> mode (you pop up a text box under the cursor that says "Only in editmode"). 
> When the information isn't found, then, we should pop up something that says 
> ("No bold information in font %s", fontname) or ("No italic information in 
> font %s", fontname).
> Nice work; this really looks fantastic.
> Matt
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