[Bf-committers] New text issues

Matthew H. Plough mplough at Princeton.EDU
Sat Jun 18 15:37:45 CEST 2005

The new text tool is pretty nice.  However, I've played with it and 
found a couple of issues -- to be expected, since it's a lot of new 
code.  I'm running Windows 2000 SP4 by the way, compiling with 

1) I don't know if you worked on this, Alexander, so I'll just include 
it so people know it's a problem.  Filling certain characters in certain 
fonts still is problematic.  For example, the 'k' in Times New Roman 
still fills incorrectly; this is because certain curve segments meet at 
a single point. 

2) The lorem button is still there and crashes Blender when pressed in 
edit mode.  I know you're fixing this, but just a heads up.

3) With the <builtin> font, bold and italic modes work flawlessly.  
However, certain other fonts (such as Times New Roman on Windows) do not 
include bold and italic information; unfortuately, the principle of 
defensive programming says that we should deal with this.  When the 
information is not present, the font should not just revert to 
<builtin>; that will look like a bug to users.  We should do something 
akin to what you do with the Lorem button in object mode (you pop up a 
text box under the cursor that says "Only in editmode").  When the 
information isn't found, then, we should pop up something that says ("No 
bold information in font %s", fontname) or ("No italic information in 
font %s", fontname).

Nice work; this really looks fantastic.


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