[Bf-committers] Textobject: Patch is here

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Jun 17 22:31:29 CEST 2005


OK. This ain't too bad at all, so for me you can go ahead!
Couple of remarks though;

1) Reading the diff:

- in displist.c, remove the part with "tijd= clock". You can see in the  
diff that was already removed by me, it causes cursor flicker on edit  
in 'solid' drawmode.

- the CU_FAST implementation is indeed hackish (the trick for filled  
fonts right?)

- split_font() uses OBACT and BASACT in weird ways... (dont do OBACT->)

- the lorem.c has our (c) license... can't be OK

- load_3d_text(), is this crossplatform? I never use fopen... forgot.

- a couple of more comments in code would be appreciated, like in  
text_to_curve(), how this math works. Comments could help following  
your thought process!

2) Compiling

- font.c, warnings "use unitialized vars"

- editfont.c, warnings "limited data range" (smells bad :)

- editobject.c, pointer/int warning

3) Using

- crash with Add Text, press "Lorem" button

Further played a little while with it, seems all to work nicely!
Some ideas to check;

- Panel composition (Matt?)
- disable 3d cursor in text editmode, and use LMB to position text  
- interactive dragging of the 'text boxes'
- Maybe some default text box size to start with (or make the text  
boxes be a setting on/off, with an initialize when you turn it on)

And yes, someone should fix the displist stuff. Come on, not too hard!  
Nice job for someone here the next 2 weeks!


On 17 Jun, 2005, at 20:29, Alexander Ewering wrote:

> Here it is:
> http://pub.instinctive.de/textobject.diff
> Slightly updated documentation is here:
> http://blender.instinctive.de/docs/textobject.txt
> CHANGES since last version:
>  - To assign a material to a block of text, the "Assign" button now  
> needs to
>    be clicked explicitly.
>  - Forgot the WKEY -> "Split text to individual objects" option, which  
> is
>    available with a text object selected in object mode. Every  
> character will
>    be split into an individual object, original object will be kept  
> (can be
>    erased with XKEY)
>  - There's one ugly hack to enable filled editing of text: Upon  
> entering
>    editmode, a linked duplicate is made, and erased again when exiting
>    editmode.
>    Ton (or if someone else knows the displist system well) should  
> remove this
>    and update the code to fill text objects inside editmode without the
>    need for this hack.
> The UI for the new text object functions is unchanged from iblender;  
> Matt
> can do whatever surgery he deems necessary.
> If there are no extreme problems and objections, I will commit shortly.
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