[Bf-committers] Slightly improved text objects, potential inclusion in BF

Johnny Matthews johnny.matthews at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 04:09:13 CEST 2005

Seriously Alex, 2 thumbs way up from me on this one! I've been using the 
text objects a lot more lately (because projects have been calling for it) 
and these tools would be a great addition. Can't wait to see it in the CVS. 
So tomorrow? :)


On 6/16/05, Matthew H. Plough <mplough at princeton.edu> wrote:
> [read this in a Monty Python singsong-voice]
> I am Arthur, King of the Britons, and I command thee, port this
> immediately!
> [stop reading in a Monty Python voice]
> Really, this is fantastic stuff. The quick, manual character kerning
> will bring CG text in Blender to the level of the Character Generator on
> the Amiga Video Toaster 4000. The years from 1994 to 2005 were the
> dark ages of CG character kerning, apparently -- you bring light to
> those in the caves. This completely blows away the character generator
> in Newtek's Video Toaster 2, released in ~2003 -- and that's an app
> designed to do this stuff!
> Now some crits:
> I do agree with Matt Ebb that the Lorem Ipsum generator is a little
> superfluous, but if it doesn't take up too much space, leave it in.
> Microsoft Publisher does that, and it really is nice to get some idea of
> how the rest of your text layout will look.
> This tool could have easily coped with the situation leading to horror
> stories about the Firefox New York Times ad -- modifications took
> forever because of the constant need to re-render.
> It would be nice to have a button inside edit mode to turn off fill,
> simply because not having one is a rather artificial limitation. I
> don't think that would be too hard to code -- you don't need to provide
> a keyboard shortcut, just a button.
> You may want to remove the select/deselect/assign buttons if they do
> nothing, or restructure your selection scheme to allow multiple blocks
> of text to be selected. The former would most likely be easier, and I
> don't think that leaving those buttons out would hinder workflow.
> Nice job on this.
> Matt
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