[Bf-committers] Slightly improved text objects, potential inclusion in BF

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Fri Jun 17 02:47:47 CEST 2005

Alexander Ewering wrote:

> Hi,
> during the development of DTPBlender (a fork of instinctive-blender
> intended for DTP - 2D layouts, design, etc.), I heavily modified the
> Blender 3d text object, and added quite a few features which are
> otherwise only found in top-notch DTP applications.

While the text-frame features are probably specifically suited to DTP 
work, the other typographical features are definitely not, and saying 
they're aimed at layout/print doesn't do justice to features that are 
needed in plenty of areas of 3D. Typography has always been a 
long-standing sore point in Blender (especially its poor kerning, ugh), 
and seeing these new features in action in Blender is pant-wetting material!

I dunno how useful *all* of those features are - particularly the lorem 
ipsum generator is a bit superfluous (www.lipsum.com ;) and would 
probably be served better by a Python script. But most of what's 
mentioned seems fantastic, and I'd love to see this in Blender ASAP!

Most other 3D programs also have really crap typographic features as 
well, and this is one area where Blender can really outshine them, too. 
Along with Blender's speedy rendering etc, this really helps to push it 
forward as a leading 3D app for motion graphics/titles/broadcast design.



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