[Bf-committers] Blender and ATI

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Jun 16 20:10:30 CEST 2005


> I have been working with Joshua Doss, the maintainer of the graphics  
> card page on blender3d.org, to make more information available on  
> which cards work nicely with Blender.

Cool. What could work is someone asking each active developer here to  
mention system specs... not as a public call, but by contacting them in  
person (otherwise you never get the info!). Here's mine;

Apple G5, ATI 9600
iBook G4, ATI 9200 Mobility

There's also a myriad of confusing information here;

The amount of chipsets/drivers just is crazy! Should be cleaned up...

> I have been developing some Windows tools to get system configuration  
> information, as well as graphics card information.  They are not yet  
> ready for prime time, but they are getting there.  I will be able to  
> do something similar for Linux once I get working Linux drivers for my  
> video card, but at this point I won't be able to do anything for Mac  
> or other platforms since I dont' have that hardware available.

Not sure what you mean... having a *complete* support system for all 3d  
cards/OS combos might be not possible. If we just post the list of  
active-supported systems, and maybe an extra list of 'reported OK'  
systems... that can just give people purchasing info, and maybe even  
attract sponsors. :)

> I also have written a GHOST improvement for Windows that will deal  
> with several reports in the OpenGL tracker.  I will send a patch to  
> the list and post it to the patch tracker as soon as you unfreeze CVS  
> (this might have already happened!).  Let me know if you can  
> investigate/accept it now.

I can't... only OSX here. :)
Just post in our tracker, and poke people here to test it!


> I have tested it on several systems and it has worked as advertised on  
> each.
> Matt
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