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Nice resume Camilla, but I think that would be better for you (and for 
the comunity) to help the develop of the game engine, Kester is the only 
one doing this work (some other's guys had helped him, but that's not 
I'm trying to help too, I've code a Video Player Actuator (available at 
elysiun), but its very simple, soon I will release a path so them 
other's can improve the code.

I hope you choose to help the game engine comunity.


Camilla Fiorese escreveu:

> I hope is not too late to submit my application, but I knew today 
> about this project.
> My name is Camilla Fiorese, I come from Italy, I am a student at Santa 
> Barbara City College, my major is Computer Science. I have just 
> finished my first year at SBCC, I did great(my GPA is 4.0 on a 4.0 
> grade scale).
> The classes that I have taken so far are:
> Assembly Language Programming
> Java Programming
> Software Design Patterns
> Programming Fundamentals
> Software Engineering with UML
> J2EE Server Programming
> Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
> Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
> I have received two scholarships for Computer Science students and I 
> am a member of the Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa.
> Before moving to the U.S. I have worked for almost two years as C++ 
> programmer for a 3D CAD so I have some experience working with OpenGL 
> (experience that need to be refreshed!). My boss was obsessed by the 
> fear that somebody could steal the source code, he did not trust his 
> employees, working in this way was hell, that's one of the reasons why 
> I have become a fan of the open source way.
> My plans for this summer were to play around with OpenGL and DirectX 
> and try to make a videogame, but working for this project would be 
> much more exciting. It would be a great opportunity to learn doing 
> something useful, and hopefully earn some money!
> I am very interested about the OpenGL project(OpenGL issue tracking), 
> but I have to admit that I am not familiar with Blender: I have just 
> download the source code and the application, but I am confident in my 
> intellectual resources, I usually learn very fast especially when I am 
> under pressure!
> I am very used to work with deadlines and I am very determined to 
> accomplish my goals.
> Thanks and regards
> Camilla Fiorese
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