[Bf-committers] Ghost for Pocketpc ported!

Salvatore Russo salvatore.russo at laposte.net
Mon Jun 13 10:53:27 CEST 2005

Hallo Everybody,

I finished this week end to port GHOST on Pocketpc. I needed lot of time to understand what is doing what and why
 but today, the monkey test is running fine. Thanks Maarten and Kent for your help! Today, we are using the 4 hardware buttons:
- First button to able/enable right click with stylus (the stylus is a left click)
- Second button to able/enable Alt Key
- Third button to able/enable Control Key
- Fourth button to able/enable Shift Key
In the future, we could implement hardware shortcut for Pad buttons. Let’s see

I am using the Klimt opengl ES implementation.

If people are interested, I can provide binaries for this test. Maarten, Kent, the binaries I provided to you Wednesday were not working so good (no Hardware button simulation
). I can provide you the new ones if you want!

Now, I will go ahead and try to move on the whole Blender :=) Ah that will be funny :=)
I discovered yesterday that I can use makefiles with Embedded Visual C++ (NMAKE). I will look on that direction.

But at this point, I have some questions.
1) Do I only have to Copy/Past my GHOST files in the intern/ghost directory ? Without changes? Only, that :=) ??? Or changes are required to integrate GHOST on Blendedr?
2) Ton writes:
“remove all libraries/modules that potentially give issues.  
Makefiles/Scons already have options not to link with the game engine, or freetype, quicktime, gettext, et cetera“
I do it... no problem, but why Blender doesn’t want to compile without intern/moto and intern/opennl? I deactivate the game engine and opennl... so it should compile without these folders! No??

3) Ton writes:
“make dummy libraries for where can't easily exclude it (like SDL or  
What does that mean
 dummy libraries??? There is a intern\SoundSystem\dummy
 how sould I begin?. Kent gave me some explanations but I miss some basic points. Do I have to go in intern\SoundSystem, leave only the *.h
 or delete the content of all functions to have function definitions but functions doing nothing? My goal is to compile blender without sound (intern\SoundSystem) and run blender.exe without sdl.dll
 There is a port of sdl.dll but it will take precious resource not needed on a pocketpc.

4) What about bf-blender\lib\windows
 I downloaded it
 but I will have to built a bf-blender-2.36\lib\windowsCE\ directories with all needed libraries! Is there a way to built them easily? With an option in the general makefile system? Or maybe running separately all Blender-2.36\intern\XXX\makefiles? Kent advised me to leave only jpeg, png, zlib, python. But what about :  aqsis, bmfont, bsp, container, ctrl, decimator, gcc, ghost (that’s ok :=) ), guardedalloc, iksolver, memutil, openssl, string, superlu? Are their needed? If yes, how to built them?

Sorry for this big email with so basic questions but I need, to go ahead on an efficient way, to really understand how that work :=) I hope I will be able soon to offer you Blender on a pocketpc!

Happy blending and thanks for your help,

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