[Bf-committers] BlendXML, status?

Vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 6 17:34:00 CEST 2005

Regarding xml usage, let's not forget Ton's point, which I think is 
quite valid,
that due to huge datasets used by blender, any translation of data 
to/from xml
may prove costly (i.e. slow) as opposed to the current binary format.

Raphael Langerhorst wrote:

> What about the X3D format mentioned on
>Will this be the file format used for BlendXML?
>I won't be able to help you develop BlendXML, but would be an user of 
>it - and a very grateful one :)  We're working on a virtual reality 
>(open source of course) that uses lots of XML for data 
>representation. So far we are still in the progress of finding a 
>suitable mesh format, but it certainly has to be in XML (at least for 
>initial loading and network transportation). We certainly want to 
>base the format on an open and accepted standard (X3D?) and it would 
>be great if Blender would offer import/export capabilities for it.
>We are also considering to use Blender itself inside the virtual 
>reality as "mesh editor" for users to create new forms. I think the 
>purely OpenGL based interface of Blender would allow for such an 
>integration. [but that's another topic].
>To sum it all up: we would be very grateful if Blender had the 
>capability to "fully" import/export mesh data from/to a standardized 
>XML format.

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