[Bf-committers] BlendXML, status?

Raphael Langerhorst raphael-langerhorst at gmx.at
Mon Jun 6 20:05:41 CEST 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 18:52, Jeremy Wall wrote:
> I've already mostly completed the expat integration. That part was
> the easy part. Now I just have to spit out xml and create a file.
> Then parse the file and load it into blender. That will be the
> difficult part. Thanks for the offer though
> On 6/6/05, Vio <vmilitaru at sympatico.ca> wrote:
> > If of interest, I could contribute a small cpp wrapper for expat
> > I wrote for another app.
> > The wrapper essentially feeds a few maps and vectors with parsed
> > xml data, and then your
> > app queries/traverses those maps.
> > Caveats: since it requires cpp-specific functionality, I dunno
> > how well it could fit inside blender, though. Additionally, while
> > totally clueless regarding the blender
> > binary file format, I don't think my wrapper will be of much help
> > here (it doesn't spit out xml,
> > just chews that stuff, for further digestion).
> > vio
> >
> > Jeremy Wall wrote:
> > > I have made some initial progress toward integrating expat into
> > > the blender sourcecode. However work is going slowly since my
> > > job requires a lot of my time.
> >

What about the X3D format mentioned on 

Will this be the file format used for BlendXML?

I won't be able to help you develop BlendXML, but would be an user of 
it - and a very grateful one :)  We're working on a virtual reality 
(open source of course) that uses lots of XML for data 
representation. So far we are still in the progress of finding a 
suitable mesh format, but it certainly has to be in XML (at least for 
initial loading and network transportation). We certainly want to 
base the format on an open and accepted standard (X3D?) and it would 
be great if Blender would offer import/export capabilities for it.

We are also considering to use Blender itself inside the virtual 
reality as "mesh editor" for users to create new forms. I think the 
purely OpenGL based interface of Blender would allow for such an 
integration. [but that's another topic].

To sum it all up: we would be very grateful if Blender had the 
capability to "fully" import/export mesh data from/to a standardized 
XML format.

Thank you very much!!
Raphael Langerhorst

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