[Bf-committers] Meeting Minutes 20050605

Nathan Letwory jesterking at letwory.net
Sun Jun 5 18:23:48 CEST 2005

Meeting Minutes 20050605

   1. 2.37a
          * critical: append bug (potentially saving over wrong files),
fixed by Ton.
          * another week CVS freeze, bugfixing allowed, then release in
8-9 days (next week mo/tue)
                o #2688 -> add modifier (alt) to solve (Martin P) (note:
fixed during meeting)
   2. Summer of Code
          * Chris W manages the 'whole'
          * devs + mentor (wannabees;) with ideas contact ChrisW?
          * possibly new tree for soc-blender
   3. next release
          * anim recode:
                o armatures.
                o IK: brecht volunteered
                o constraints: Martin P might be too busy, but can help.
                o Ton will determine other todos
          * JLuc + Ton: depgraph
          * event system: JLuc, Simon, Willian, Nathan L
                o EventSystemRefactoring
                o possibly GhostRefactoring
          * check what to integrate from Tuhopuu3 (ie. Matts toolbox code:
""matt! contact ton for help with move to bf-blender!")
          * rigidbodies: Willian makes proposal (ODE stwff)
          * different parts will be studied coming week to
   4. movie project plans
          * remember, friday deadline for Tech Dir...
          * because this requires working blender -> event system rewrite
may need to be pushed to future
          * production feats will be of first interest: sequencer feats
(post-pro), render API, etc. ("shaded-line-hair render blah
stuff" in Tons words)
   5. other
          * HeMesh (moved to next meeting, joeedh was not responsive in

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