[Bf-committers] NLA negative clipping bug

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Jun 4 21:22:22 CEST 2005


I doubt anyone would have removed this? When?
Where is this feature exactly? The Nkey panel? That gives as minimum  
frame 1.0 since 2.25...


On 4 Jun, 2005, at 17:59, Fabrizio wrote:

> NLA 'strip start' and 'action start' clip at frame 1
>  The problem is that we are no longer able to set 'Action start' or  
> Strip
> start' to a negative value which was possible pre 2.36. Removed  
> feature but
> also also offically a bug because it's not backward compatable with  
> files
> created pre 2.36 that had negative starting points.
> Importance of negative Strip start:
> This is important as one sometimes need to sart the Strip from a  
> negative
> value. As it is, it simply clips your strip to one (even when opening  
> old
> files). This doesn't make sense as Action length is mapped to Strip
> ength  - therefore shortening the strip shortens the 'period' over  
> which the
> action happens (faster). One has to clip the action for them to happen  
> at
> the same time but this is not easy when the ratio is not 1:1 - which  
> is part
> of the point having NLA strips to begin with. Moving the whole  
> timeline is
> also not always an option or (even an easy) as little data is  
> available in
> the NLA  and so there are several time-related issues such as movie
> textures, particles, RVKS. time remappping etc which make this a VERY
> complex task.
> Importance of negative Action start:
> 'Hold' works forward not backwards so to 'hold' a position backwards  
> we have
> to set action to start much earlier than the first keyframe (Not a  
> problem
> as IPO's values work indefinetly back and forward) but if the action  
> starts
> from 1 you can no longer put the 'hold' space before the action. And  
> moving
> the whole action is tediuos if it is used by other armatures too.
> So please could we have the ability to use 'negative values' back in  
> the NLA
> in with the imminent  2.37 bug fix release?
> The NLA is limited enough as it is. I know the NLA is up for a re-vamp
> together with the animation features  but that's a whole release away  
> - and
> proably a long one due to the animation refactor ( Speaking of which -  
> look
> to the adobe Aftereffects timeline for NLA inspiration - it truly is a
> marvelous example of a what a timeline should be when it comes to  
> features
> and control! Hope to have some time for a proposal over coming weeks!)
> versions affected:
> bf 2.36
> bf 2.37
> OS: Winxp home ed
> Thanks
> Rgds,
> fabrizio
> ps. Try as I might, I still can't log in to bug tracker (Yes, I've  
> changed
> my password as instructed) so sending bug report to bf mail-list.  
> Excuse the
> intrusion. Thanks
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