[Bf-committers] Not happy with Tracker cleanup

Carsten Wartmann Carsten.Wartmann at imago-viva.de
Fri Jun 3 12:35:20 CEST 2005

Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi,
> I've made a new Tracker 'game engine'. Will move all related reports  
> over there. :)
> Kester; might be possible you get a lot of mails by the system... sorry!

Hi Ton and all,

[this post may express some emotions and personal thoughts, if something 
sounds harsh or is wrong I am sorry, I am p*ssed of due to other things 

I am not very happy with the "cleanup".

Of course it is a nice and very simple way to cleanup the Blender 
Tracker, but it is like putting a blanket over the mess in your room.

I feel it is not fair to the gameengine users and especially to the 

I think this is quite a one man decision? But if I am wrong and it was 
discussed in the irc meetings I still dont agree. Seems like a way to 
force the gameengine into a sperate project. As long as there is no idea 
or discussion how to  maintain the power of blender together with the 
gameengine I feel we have the duty to keep it inside Blender even if it 
has bugs. For me a Blender without a gameengine (or close tied external 
engine) is not a Blender.


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