[Bf-committers] As an addendum to my last message...

Mercen4ry mercen4ry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 07:58:59 CEST 2005

For those of you that are concerned by any legal implications of my
project (since one company involved has closed rights to certain
methods), please feel free to discuss any findings/concerns with me

Otherwise, the mailing list could get spammed quickly.

Some stuff I've checked/done already to prevent a backlash of any kind:

- I checked first with the CEO of Second Life, Philip Rosendale.
Here's a copy of his response to my email:


"Hi Tom!

I've heard about the prim importer - very cool.   So what you are
wanting to do it make something that allows you to build things in
blender and then import them into SL, while doing a better job than
tris/face by exporting from blender as full SL prims?   If so, that
sounds great!  I don't feel like that is reverse engineering, and it
certainly would be fine for folks to have something to work from as
far as importing.

The only broad concern that I think would get us concerned and looking
for TOS violations, etc, would be anything that makes it easy to make
rough COPIES of other people's stuff in SL that one doesn't have
rights to.  It doesn't sound like this is what you are looking for,
nor would this make such a thing easier.  Right?



You may contact him at philip at lindenlab.com. The concern in question
has since been assuaged, and cannot be done with such a tool.

- I double-checked the US Copyright/Patent databases for anything
related to the system in question, and came up empty-handed. If anyone
finds something, please let me know.

- I sent Mr. Rosendale a followup concerning the exact project text
from my last message. His response: "wow! i love this!"

I'll get off my soapbox at this point. Again, if you have any
concerns, please address them to me with a personal email to
mercen4ry at gmail.com - so as not to inadvertedly spam the mailing list.


PS: If you missed the project posting and want a copy of what I'm
talking about, send me a personal email.

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