[Bf-committers] Google Summer of Code Project

Mercen4ry mercen4ry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 07:24:02 CEST 2005

Hi folks. I'm jumping the gun a bit on this, because I'm trying to
assess how valid a project this is for benefitting the groups involved
other than Linden Labs (whose benefits are obvious).

I've already applied this project for the Google Summer of Code under
the Python folks, since the Blender Foundation was not a part of the
original sponsor list at the time. Since it is now, I'm sending you
folks a copy for your reference, and if necessary, to sponsor my
project for Google should the Python folks not wish to.

In brief, the project I am working on is a creation tool for the
virtual MMO, Second Life. Unlike most MMOs, this is not a game so much
as a platform for development. If you don't believe me, have a look at
how nuanced the Scripting Wiki is:



Without going in-depth here (for that, read the attached original
text) - let me touch on three projects of yours that I feel this code
might benefit:

- Mesh Editing: 
This project will require that I create an emulated version of the
Second Life creation tool. I've been given the okay to do this. This
tool involves a system of constructing and manipulating primitives in
unique, intuitive ways. It could easily form the groundwork for a new
Blender building tool.

- Python API:
One more tool for the batch, since this will be the scripting language
of choice.

Once a model has been created, I'll need to create a way to transfer
it to and from the world of Second Life. This will require the
creation of an XMLRPC solution for I/O of .blend files. I plan to use
Python's native XMLRPC solutions for this, much as I have with my
existing IRC Bot for Second Life.


My aim is to provide this solution to as many people as possible,
whether or not it is picked up for the Google Summer of Code. Given
I'm a senior in college, though - the money would be highly
appreciated, even if it's not needed at this time.

Thank you to those of you taking the time to read this. If any of you
have individual queries or concerns, please send them to this address.
- Tom

Original project description shall follow:


My current project, which I plan to pick up soon, involves three organizations:

- Python
- Blender (www.blender.org)
- Second Life (www.secondlife.com)

I've already been given the okay by the latter company, but I will be
forwarding this to them anyway.

As a senior in CIS, I've worked extensively with Linden Labs' software
as an unpaid scripter, providing several tools and utilities for the
program. These include, but are not limited to:

3D Model Importer: 

BVH Animator:

(Both links require an account to view them. As needed, I would be
happy to set up an alt for these purposes.)

It has been my want for some time to provide a better tool to
integrate this world with some real 3D power. Being a user of Blender
and its Python API, I would like to create a modelling tool with the
API to allow content to be shifted to and from the world of Second

This tool would include:

- A rewritten version of my 3D Model Importer for Python/Blender

- A rewritten version of my BVH Importer for Python/Blender

- A model emulator for Second Life's rendering engine for importing,
exporting, and building persistent 3D content

- Animation tools and limited kinematics for use in Second Life's LSL
scripting engine

And may also include:

- Mirroring software built on my research of Second Life's toolset

- Tree rendering software

- An offline toolset meant to emulate that in the world.

I have also received an "okay" for this project from the CEO of Second
Life, which I can CC to you at the email address of your choice.


Second Life is a fast-growing 3D world built by users. Many of us
content creators exist and subsist on little or no real "income" from
the world. We create content to better the users of the world.

I am one such user. I do my best to provide tools at no financial gain
to myself, and fall under the criteria for this.

Thank you for your time,
- Tom

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