[Bf-committers] Some guidelines for 'Google Summer of Code'

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Thu Jun 2 18:35:19 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

We are getting quite a few applicants and queries
in already, so in order to deal with the volume,
it would be best if potential applicants do the

* please read the Google 'Summer of Code' page,
and in particular the participant FAQ and the
actual submission form:


* Let us know if you are a blender user, and if so,
how long have you used blender? Send a link to a
gallery or some images if you have any (no, this
isn't necessary, and you won't be judged on your
artistic abilities, but if you've done some work
in blender, you might as well flaunt it).

* Let us know it you have any experience with the
blender sources? Looked at them? Done some
modifications to 'scratch an itch'? Submitted

* Since this is a grant for students, let us know
a bit about what you are studying, and how well you
are doing in your studies.

* Check our 'to do' page to find something that
might fit well with your background:


* Let us know if you have any related experience
to the project you are interested in.

* Check out the perl project proposal example
page and try to get a rough application going.
Your application doesn't have to fit this format
exactly, but I think it's a nice starting point:


Remember, your application has to impress the Blender
Foundation, a potential mentor, and Google, so whatever
you can do to make yourself stand out will be to your


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