[Bf-committers] Bug report -possibly urgent?

Fabrizio Cali ilac at maltanet.net
Thu Jun 2 04:28:02 CEST 2005

Hi guys

I think this is a possible show-stopper in 2.37.

Report 1.
The possible Show-stopper:
When you append from a file and then save via (ctrl+W) or F2, you will
save over the file you appended from. If the user is not careful it's very
easy to overwrite wrong files unintentionally!

Sorry I'm sending here but I cannot access the maillists or bug-tracker at
the moment to see if anyone else reported it (probably because of
bandwidth congestion) plus I have not been able to submit to the
bug-tracker anyway - logged in or otherwise for quite a few months now.

Report 2.
Not necessarily a bug but a removed extremely useful feature from the NLA:
ie. the ability to have negative values in the NLA timeline. Obviously
whoever removed this doesn't use the NLA time-line much - Please note that
it is quite common to need to start an NLA clip from a negative frame
value. As it is at the moment you have to manually edit each action and
the NLA clips to do something that took a few seconds previously. VERY
inconvenient and time consuming with several clips or when shared actions
are involved. Please note that both 'Action Start' and 'Strip start' need
to be able to have negative values. Thanks

Let me know if examples or lengthy explanations and justifications are
needed for this.

Other than that this is version has been a pleasure to work with (about 10
hours on it already! ;o) Thanks guys! Especially Matt for the timeline &
markers which have already come in very handy! Much appreciated - Thanks!


ps. not able to see mail-lists atm so if any of you need any more info
from me email me directly on ilac [AT] maltanet.net

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