[Bf-committers] IRC Meeting minutes january 16/23

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Jan 30 13:59:26 CET 2005

Hi all,

Below notes what was discussed the past two meetings.

- GCC compiler flags
Stephen Swaney noted that we occasionally get code contributed with the  
C++ convention that allows variable declarations on any part of code.  
Pure C doesn't allow this, but our current -Wall warning level doesn't  
make gcc complain. Using the -ansi flag would solve it, but disable  
"//" comments in code though. A proposal to kill using "//" and write a  
script to convert all to "/* */" didn't make it...

My idea; stick to -Wall still, and make sure Blender compiles clean on  
that level. The occasional error with variable declarions we can solve  
when discovered easily. :)

- Softbody project
Jens Ole Wund updated the wiki page with tech info how it really works;
Work on proper integration is still pending... I still want to come  
with a design proposal for it. Or would someone else volunteer?

- Transform recode
Martin Poirier mentions steady progress. Transform has planar  
constraints, works for 'to sphere', allows editing lamp settings, etc.  
It's being tested and developed in Tuhopuu still. Check wiki notes  

- Animation project
No progress to mention... minor updates in wiki;
The impact & scale of the project is scaring me still from starting  
it... I need not only to gather a lot of energy, but also have 1-2  
months of concentrated coding time. Too many other projects keep  
distracting me. :)

- Dependency graph
What would help Jean-Luc a lot would be a generic total overview of all  
(current) dependencies in Blender related to animation calculus. Would  
be a nice thing for the animation project to kick off with... :)

- Restored Patch tracker
To provide a more visible history and overview of pending patches, this  
tracker has been mode public available again. I will (still have to)  
add information about this to our website dev pages... also for  
everyone here; submit patch to tracker, and mail this list the link to  
the tracker report.
During weekly IRC meetings we'll go over pending patches as usual.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton at blender.org  

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