[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/src buttons_editing.c

Brecht Van Lommel blendix at pandora.be
Tue Jan 25 00:27:26 CET 2005


It's just a practical feature. You often want to apply colors to faces
just by selecting some faces, not by painting them. Not really the type
of thing you want to do a mode switch for.

But there's of course the fact there's two double buttons. It didn't
seem that bad to me, but i'm definitely not a ui guru.

The real problem is the way the panels are organized: displaying the
paint panel in face select mode with only a few buttons doesn't make
much sense to me.

I don't mind removing it again if more people oppose, just seemed useful
to me (and to Carsten obviously, who has been requesting this for some
time now).

> It might be useful but I think the underlying issue here is the nature 
> of the vertex paint system. The real project should be how to integrate 
> this useful and (in my opinion) underused feature in a way that's 
> useful, unobtrusive, and logical. Simply adding the vertex paint buttons 
> to other panels obviously doesn't solve the problem which is: how do 
> selection and editing modes get used in conjunction with vertex paint? 
> Personally I think the fact that vertex paint mode and uv face select 
> mode can overlap, but edit mode and vertex paint mode cannot, is a 
> little obtuse and ugly.
> Brecht - maybe time to look into this more closely?

I don't think this is the underlying issue at all. Merging uv face
select mode / the paint modes wouldn't solve the problem.

I do think uv face select mode and the paint modes should part of edit
mode somehow. But I just don't have time for this now, considering this
requires quite some ui and code changes (there's a bit of a domino
effect here).

> And very quickly.. if someone is willing to answer.. is it possible to 
> bake texture colors as vertex colors? How about ambient occlusion data? 
> Shadow buffer data? And call of this be done in some sort of unified and 
> easy to understand manner complete with menu entries, hotkeys etc? 
> Vertex colors and vertex paint can be extended in many ways and made to 
> be more useful for the artist than they are already. Anyway.. I hope 
> these comments get people thinking.

This is really just a feature request you're sneaking in here :). These
are useful features of course, but not relevant to this discussion.


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