[Bf-committers] Game engine status

Alexander Ewering blender at instinctive.de
Mon Jan 24 13:36:21 CET 2005

Hi (especially Kester),

I appreciate the new features committed to the game engine. However, I think
when you have time for working on it, the most urgent issues should still be
solved first, which are (for me):

  - Collision detection still fails and player falls through floor. I don't
    know if this is fixed in CVS; I'm using the Dec 4 version because of
    other issues that arose after that

  - General object motion is not like in 2.25 and often not smooth. For
    example, check out the NaN walkthrough (I've put it up here:

    Notice how the player movement sometimes (here, almost always) is very
    strange and not smooth. He seems to be stuck in a way most of the time.

    Compare it to 2.25, it runs smoothly there.

    I use this player object together with the python scripts in all
    game/walkthrough-like things.

  - A new issues that I found and that's very annoying is non-working IPO
    Actuators. Yes, it's true. IPO actuators often *just* don't work. It
    seems like this happens more often at lower framerates (like all
    recent bugs).

    I can't provide the file it happens it, but it should be fairly easy
    to reproduce.

    I noticed it because I have a collision sensor with two actuators
    attached to it, one sound and one ipo. The sound comes always, so it
    can't be the sensor's fault. The IPO, in turn, only fires maybe 3 out
    of 4 times.

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