[Bf-committers] Re: No numpad -- Keymapping?

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at
Wed Jan 19 13:13:46 CET 2005

* joeedh -- Wednesday 19 January 2005 02:48:
> IMHO some consideration should be made for numpad-less users.  I do have 
> (somewhere) my keymapping system, which BTW included the gui code, which 
> perhaps could be used to temporaliy allow users to redefine problematic 
> hotkeys, such as the numpad ones.

There were some changes made for numpad-less users like me in the past. My
last patch, however (posted to the list on  Sun, 14 Nov 2004 -- "[RFC][PATCH]
edit.c: allow to change circle select diameter with numpad-less keyboards"
was ignored, and I had announced to stop sending patches after that. Instead
I will maintain my own version, and maybe offer it on my homepage for other
users of this keyboard.


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